Saturday, May 25, 2013

Walt Disney World Marathon

In January I headed to Walt Disney World in order to participate in the Walt Disney Marathon. Getting there was quite the adventure due to a missed flight in Denver because of de-icing in Bozeman. I was re-routed to Los Angeles and then took a red eye flight to Orlando. Needless to say I was tired by the time I finally made it to our hotel, but ready to go for the day.
Day 1 - Once I finally made it to our hotel room I met Edd and my mom for breakfast. Afterwards we headed to the ESPN Wide World of sports to pick up my race packet, go through the expo and then have lunch. Afterwards my mom and I headed to Magic Kingdom for half of the day while Edd hung by the pool and relaxed.
Day 2 - My mom, Edd and I headed to Magic Kingdom for the day along with Nate, Tara, Cassie and my friend John. We all had such a blast together riding the rides and just having fun. It was great to see Nate and his family and spend time with them. I loved Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Carribbean. We also went to the Animal Kingdom. THe ride Expedition Everest was FANTASTIC! Cassie and I rode it twice before the park closed for the evening.
Day 3 - Race Day! I had a VERY early wakeup call and was on the bus at 3am to get to the start line. The race itself was ok. I started great and was keeping my interval pacing. Orlando had record breaking heat that day though and it was in the mid 80s with horrible humidity. I was slowing down about mile 12 and having problems keeping any liquid in me as I was sweating like crazy and horrible blisters were starting to form. At mile 13 I knew I had to get going or I would get swept at the next mile. I pushed on because I wanted to go further then I had before. At mile 14 though I had had enough and was more than happy to get on the sweeper bus. I wasn't disappointed at all, even though I would have liked to had made it further, I know I would have never made it all 26 miles in that heat. I met up with the family afterwards and we headed back to the hotel for a shower and lounging at the pool. That evening we went to dinner and then Downtown Disney to hang out.
Day 4 - Edd headed home with Nate and his family in the morning. Mom and I headed to Universal Studios. It was great a nice day and the rides were excellent. My favorite was Harry Potter and Spider-man. I rode both 3 times! Mom had fun to and we really enjoyed just being on vacation together. It was great to see the Harry Potter area and taster Butterbeer. Once back at the hotel mom and I relaxed and then headed to Downtown Disney again for dinner.
Day 5 - Mom and I headed home. Overall it was a great vacation and I am so glad I was able to enjoy it with mom and Edd.