Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seattle - March 13th - 22nd

Linda and I took advantage of a really cheap Southwest fare and headed to Seattle to visit Heather for the first time since she moved there. We had a lot of fun, had great weather and enjoyed seeing where Heather lives, is living now (she moved the week we left) and meeting her friends and boyfriend. We arrived on Thursday and took the light rail into the city where Heather picked us up and delivered us to her apartment. From there she went to work and Linda and I were left to be tourists for the day. We grabbed a bus downtown and from there took the monorail to the Spaceneedle where my cousin Jennifer joined us for the day. We went to the top of the Spaceneedle and took in the views, went to the Science Fiction museum (at Jennifer's pleading), the Experience Music Project and the Pacific Science Center. Whew! What a day! We were a little tired but had a really good time spending the day together and being tourists. We eventually made our way back to Heather's apartment where we met up with her and then went out to dinner at Bleu Bistro with Katie and John, Heather's best friend and boyfriend). They have the yummiest drinks (mixed from fresh ingredients there at the bar) and a delicious Wasabi grilled cheese sandwich. After dinner we went over to a friends house to meet more of Heathers friends and eat cake.

Heather took Friday off and continued to play tourist with us. We took a bus downtown and were greeted by a man with 2 ferret's in his suitcase. Odd. Anyways, we went to Ivar's for lunch, then took an Argosy cruise of the sound and then went to the aquarium. Another fun and gorgeous day. Oh! And we walked through Pike Place Market both going and coming to the waterfront. I love seeing all the sights and being near the water. Later that day we made our way back to Capitol Hill and joined some friends for dinner at Olympia Pizza. We then headed home for a low key night of relaxing and baking tiramisu.

Saturday turned out to be an AMAZING day! John just happens to be a pilot and took us flying for the afternoon to the San Juan Islands. It was a lot of fun and Linda was able to take the controls once we were in the air for a little while. I just sat back and enjoyed all the views. We landed in Friday Harbor for lunch and ate at a restaurant down on the waterfront. I had the best grilled salmon sandwich, yum! Once we returned to Seattle we went to play Bunco with Heather's monthly group. We had a lot of fun and I tied for the 2nd highest score.

Sunday was fairly low key. We went to Losers Lunch at Charlie's with a bunch of people. Jennifer also joined us. After lunch we went to Ikea and browsed around before Heather dropped Linda and I off at our hotel. We ended up swimming for awhile in the pool and then went out to dinner before coming back and relaxing the rest of the night. Monday morning we hopped on the shuttle to the airport and then were on our way back home. We had a great vacation and I can't wait until June when I will be back again.

Rocket sitting

Have I mentioned that my parents have a dog and that he is the cutest thing EVER? Well, he is. I spent the first week of March Rocket sitting while my parents were gone to Vegas. We had a good time and survived the week well. I loved taking him on little jogs around the neighborhood and just chilling. And there is nothing better than coming home to someone who is beyond excited to see you again.

Crossfit for Crystal's Cure

On February 27th I participated in Crossfit for Crystal's Cure at Crossfit Asylum with a few of the girls from my gym (Aimee, Mandee and Jess). We had a lot of fun, represented Refinery well and most of us hit new PR's!