Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Job

Well, it's time I let you all know that I have a new job and have moved. Again.

This week I started working back in Yellowstone as the Reservation Trainer. It was an amazing opportunity for me and I was so excited when I was offered the position. Teaching people about Yellowstone and getting paid for it? Perfect! It was with mixed emotions that I left the Tetons, but I know the career move will be perfect for me.

I'm still looking for a place to live in Gardiner, MT and am getting settled into the job. I am really looking forward to the roads in the park opening again so I can head down to the Tetons for visits again.

The Happenings.....

So a few other things have been going on lately, although there is no photographic evidence. The highlights were Nacho Night at Signal Mountain Lodge (where practically the whole valley came out of our winter hibernation for an evening) and my mother visited. The weather was pretty bad when she was here so we stuck to town; shopping, visiting galleries and the Wildlife Art Museum.

These pictures were taken one night when Ross and I were returning to Blackrock from somewhere. We could not believe how gorgeous and bright the colors were. Amazing!

Jackson Winter Carnival

The Jackson Winter Carnival occured in mid-February. About the only part of the weekend I was able to attend was the Snow Sculpture Competition. There were various snow sculptures set up in the town square.

Below was one of my favorites, even though it was not an actual snow sculpture. A moose ice sculpture!