Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farnsworth Wedding

A few weekends again I went to Boise for the wedding of my friends Cynthia and Alex. Cynthia and I lived together for almost a year when I last lived in Boise. Together with Marianne we all had a ton of fun and had a great experience being roommates and great friends. It's been since April since we were all 3 together so it was so nice to all be together again for Cynthia's big day. Congrats Farnsworths!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve Drive

Ross and I took a drive up to Flagg Ranch (almost to the South gate of Yellowstone) on New Year's Eve. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. Although it was COLD.
A rainbow over Mt. Moran. I have never seen a rainbow in the snow before.
Over the river near Flagg Ranch.
Sun setting
One last shot of me this year. Happy New Year!!!

Driving Home

Have you ever wondered what the drive between the Tetons and Boise is like? Well, I am about to show you. :) A few weeks ago I drove home to Boise for Christmas and took pictures of my drive along the way until the sun went down. I then took a few pictures on my drive back to Wyoming that I missed driving down due to the setting sun. Enjoy!
This is the road between Moran and Jackson. As you can tell we have been getting a lot of snow and the highway is often snowcovered.
Look! The Tetons were actually partially visible this day. :)
This is the view near Hoback Junction as you head into the canyon. Next stop Idaho!
Palisades Reservoir is always gorgeous.
Almost to Idaho Falls, out of the mountains and into the farm country.
In the Paul/Burley area.
Windmills above the canyon in Hagerman.
King Hill just past the ranch.
The view between Mountain Home and Boise.

So, that's my drive!